Mini A Tures Christmas collection is now in stores.

The long awaited collection is finally arrived in our stores, and now it’s time to look for clothes for all the Christmas parties.

With November around the corner, the first Christmas get together, parties and celebrations slowly begins. For those occasion’s it’s very nice to have new festive Christmas clothes to wear.

You choose just how festive it should be, because the options are endless with Mini A Tures Christmas clothes for children. Many girls love the dresses that shines, the tulle skirts or just anything with silver and gold. The Melischa red tulle skirt is a perfect option for this holiday. Add leopard printed stockings and cardigan in red colors and you will have a perfectly matching set. For more glitter and gold, go for gold dress Sherry that you can combine with a crème colored blouse and stockings. We also have the gold sequin skirt and that you can easily tone up or down, just after the occasion.

For the boys you will find light cotton shirts in different colors – with prices from 299 dkk. and a simple elegant navy colored Mini A Ture Jacob blazer, which you can add for a more classy look. We also have matching bow tie just to finish the look. If you are looking to tone it down, then look for the knitted cardigan and west that matches the shirts.

Don’t forget baby during the holiday, here we also have a series of gorgeous knitted clothes, such as body suits, Mini A Ture baby pants and blouses. We use wool, cashmere, angora and cotton, all super soft qualities that are very comfortable for the baby to wear.

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Mini A Ture christmas

Outerwear inspired of the Icelandic tale


The beautiful backdrop of the Icelandic volcanoes and glacier are the inspiration behind the new Autumn Winter collection.

The Icelandic tale…

Picture your self on the island of Hot Springs, aquamarine coloured polls and rough cliffs.

Volcanoes and geyser have left their marks on the earth.

The burning lava is making its way through the landscape, and lying in soft dark pillows, melting into the snow covered mountains, as a rough contrast to the cold and ancient snow layers. Sulphur is colouring the ground in all kinds of yellow and orange nuances, and the northern light is colouring the sky in a range of green blue and purple tones.

The steam from the geysers is blurring the horizon and makes you wonder what is behind…

There is a sense of mystery and fairy-tale in the air, and you fell the history all over.

Nature and animals are ruling and man fits in.


Mini A Ture continues to focus on its signature, minimalist look as well as the technical details from innovations, such as the stitched-in magnets, which were introduced last winter.

This season sees new styles and details added to almost every programme, ensuring that Mini A Ture’s outwear collection continues to be beautiful, functional and surprising.


Mini A Ture gives you the possibility of adding a beautiful coyote fur collar on selected hoods in our outwear range. Since Mini A Ture are committed to the preservation of our global environment and ethical humane treatment of animals, we have chosen fur from an animal shot in its natural habitat due to governmental regulation of this species. The coyotes we use live in the beautiful mountains of Canada and come with a wildlife preservation certification.

Finish your “Miniature winter outdoor look” with the beautiful range of woollen accessories as well as the practical and warm Monnie boots. To create a clean look across the jackets, Mini A Ture has developed a new technique of attaching the hood to the jacket collar, which not only looks better but also is easier to use.

“Children should be dressed in clothes that enable them to play freely, no matter what the weather brings. They should be dressed for adventure and parents should rest in the knowledge that their outwear will keep them protected, safe, and warm.

Both fashion and outwear lie close to my heart and I hope that you, and your children, will enjoy this collection as much as I enjoyed designing it.

From myself and the Mini A Ture team”.

Linn Cecilie Faber Gullev (Outwear designer)




MINI A TURE captured the essence of what children’s wear should represent:

fashion forward yet wearable and a brand that children would choose to wear themselves.

MINI A TURE socks & tights and knitted leggings are known for its supreme quality, happy colour combinations and a great variation of patterns with dots, stars or hearts.

In the new collection for AW 2015 MINI A TURE presents a plenty of beautiful socks and tights manufactured from cotton and wool (for soft and warm comfort) blended with polyester and elastane (for functional use).

The tights in quality 80% cotton, 17% polyester and 3% elastane are Quail Purple & Nihtshadow Blue Elka, Violet Ice & Light Grey Melange Renate, Light Grey Melange Riff, Violet Ice Enola, Violet Ice Elvina, and Light Grey Melange Edel.

The tights in quality 78% wool, 18% polyamide and 4% elastane are Light Greys Melange, Antique White & Nightshadow Blue Elvina.

 The socks made of 80% cotton, 17% polyester and 3% elastane are Chinois Green Elmo, Lilas Rose Elinora, Moon Bean Emilius, Folkstone Gray Elmo & Moon Bean Emilius, and of 78% wool, 18% polyamide and 4% elastane Qual Grey Melange Elwin.

With fresh colours and attractive patterns your child gets unique accessory items that can match every outfit and every seasonal collection. It is a great choice to make every day different and comfortable! Have a look on!


The suppliers and manufacturers for MINI A TURE have been carefully selected for their commitment to quality and workmanship. The production of all socks and tights is maintained by MINI A TURE partner MP Denmark A/S, a well- known Danish manufacture of knitted and crocheted hosiery. The design is created by MINI A TURE talented design team. MP produces all their socks and tights in Europe, Lithuania, of high quality Italian yarns. The MP’s developers get ideas, colours and strike off (a larger sample) that is directed and evaluated of MINI A TURE head designer. MINI A TURE socks and tights are known by customers worldwide and therefore we must think about quality in our designs. We should consider that Norwegian customers want wool and the customers from Southern Europe cotton. All customers’ needs must be met.

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socks and stockings

Fashion week

The inspirational summer trip for Mini A Ture ”travellers” has been started!  The new collection for Spring/Summer 2016 is ready to explore the world!
The first journey was to Paris, to the international premium children’s & maternity trade show The Playtime. The event took place between 4th- 6th July at the Parc Floral De Paris. Great experience! The Mini A Ture collection has been successfully exposed between national and international brand exhibitors that showed the latest collections and trends for the coming season.
The kids trade show Bubbles London was the next stop for Mini A Ture participation in UK, on 12th and 13th July at the Business Design Centre. Bubbles London is a fantastic destination for unveiling new collections, pinpointing new trends and bringing a new generation of children’s tradeshow to the global arena. The place is full of creativity, imagination and a sense of fun. New City has also hosted this summer during the 2d, 3d and 4th August the children’s
trade show The Children’s’ Club at the Javits Center. ENK International is the most exclusive trade show producer in the United States that organises a series of trade exhibitions.
From today Wednesday 5th August till Friday 7th August welcome on board for the
next exciting adventure – CIFF KIDS S/S16! Copenhagen City invites you for
Copenhagen International Fashion Fair that takes place at Forum duringCopenhagen
Fashion Week. See you in Mini A Ture home city to get inspiration by experiencing
the world of new ideas and great design!
Opening hours: Wednesday-Friday: 9am – 6pm
Location: Forum Copenhagen
Julius Thomsens Pl. 1, 1925 Frederiksberg C

Mini A Ture  messe

The store KIDSEN in London, UK

We absolutely love our stores, here is a chance to get to know them better.
This is KIDSEN in London, UK.

1) How long have you had Mini A Ture in your store?

We have stocked Miniature since the very first day we opened almost eight years ago. We will always have a special fondness to the brand, as on the stores opening evening we did not have enough stock, but Birgitte from Solobi (Miniatures rep here in the UK) helped us make the store look ‘busy’ with her invaluable help and advice and both our customer and staff love the brand. 

2)  What do you like most about Mini A Ture? 

We love the timeless classic pieces with a danish twist, which the brand delivers year on year. The quality is outstanding and once our customers have bought a Miniature winter coat and tights they return year on year to buy their essential wardrobe pieces again.

3) Which item from this season is your favourite?

Our favourite item from this season is the gorgeous Andrea jumpsuit


Inspirational trip to Paris

In June, our chief designer Anne Katrine and Head of Outerwear Linn, went on an inspirational trip to Paris.

There were collecting inspiration for the fair in Paris Playtime and CIFF in Copenhagen, as we are to participate in, on the following dates July 4th  to 6th. and 4th to 6th August. Paris is one of their favorite places to get inspiration, because of the atmosphere, the surroundings, the tendency and the feeling. All that put together, creates the utmost condition for getting a lot of inspiration.

On the trip they visited some markets, and especially Clignancourt market in Paris, which is highly recommended. The market is from Friday to Sunday all year round.  During the trip, Anne Katrine and Linn saw many fine things and the result was a collage where the colors are vintage inspired, and the theme is maritime. In light of this trip,  fine exhibition stands for both Paris and Copenhagen have been created and a maritime universe have opened up.


A good Paris tweaks from Mini A Ture’s designer is this unique attraction:

La Maison Deyrolle a very special boutique in Paris you should visit with his children. There are fine stuffed animals that are exciting to look at for both children and adults, also a really nice and old-fashioned museum atmosphere in the shop. La Maison Deyrolle the following address: 46 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris.


Take good care of your childrens clothes

Choose the correct washing program

It wears harder on your clothes, when filling up the washing machine completely, rather than choosing a delicate washing program. It is very important to learn what the washing symbols mean and how the clothes can be washed.

See some of the examples here:

30 grader   The number shows how many dregrees the clothers can be washed at.

Typically it goes from 30-95 degrees.
Håndvask Handwash only.


30 grader vask One line under the wash tub means, the clothes can be washed at a delicate program, where there is more water and less clothes (max 2 kg) and fewer movements.


30 grader 2 Two lines under the washing tub means, the clothes can be washed at a even more delicate program – for example a wool program.


Fabric softener:

Avoid using fabric softener, as it is not needed and is not good for the environment as well.

Be careful with effects
If the clothes has details such as zippers, rivets etc. it can be a good idea to place it in a washing bag, which protects the clothes and the machine.

Pixie in Cheshire in United Kingdom

This is Pixie in Cheshire, a shop with kids clothes in United Kingdom.

1) How long have you had Mini A Ture in your store?

We have stocked Mini A Ture since we opened in 2010.

2) What do you like most about Mini A Ture?

We like Mini A Ture because it offers a competitive price point, and the range includes striking pieces in high quality materials. Pixie aims to be a one stop shop for beautiful high quality childrenswear and Mini A Ture is a complimentary brand to our existing product range.

3) Which item from this season is your favourite?

This season (Spring Summer 2015) our favourite Mini A Ture outfit has been the sequin bird short sleeve T-shirt and the coral glitter tulle skirt.

Pixie in Cheshire


Mini A Ture børnetøj

Skirts and shorts for a warm summer.

Every season there are many fine skirts from Mini A Ture. You will find the very popular tulle skirt, floral skirts, brocade, lace and other fine materials in excellent quality. Match the skirts with tops and t-shirt after the current mood and mix different colors.

Use the skirts all year round. Use the lighter colored skirts with bare legs during summer, when the weather gets colder use them with tights and in the darker colors.

No summer or vacation without a great pair of Mini A Ture shorts. Every spring you will find shorts in different variations, and all of them have adjustable waistband. So even if you prefer sweat shorts, classic shorts, denim shorts or printed shorts, you will find them at Mini A Ture.

Skirts and shorts

Pure Baby shop in London

We absolutely love our stores, here is a chance to know Pure Baby shop in London better:

1) How long have you had Mini A Ture in your store? The first Mini A Ture collection we stocked was the autumn/winter 2012.

2) What do you like most about Mini A Ture? What Pure Baby and its customers like the most about Mini A Ture is its truly unique style which mix Scandinavian influence and dynamic design. Mini A Ture clothes are made from high quality material to resist the wear and tear of active but yet very stylish children.

3) Which item from this season is your favorite? It is quite difficult to choose but I will say the “Agate trousers” for its fresh print and the silver elasticated waist detail.

Pure Baby shop London

Pure Baby London